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Led by Delia Halverson

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This listing of colsultations, workshops and retreats will help you consider just how I might be helpful in your ministry. I am happy to work with you on any of these subjects, or we can work together to create an event that best fits the needs of your church. Check out my home page, the web page that lists all of my books, and my "Notes and Quotes" web page. I will be happy to communicate with you by email or phone.

Busyness to Blessedness: Living Simply We often feel pulled in all directions. Although our call from Christ directs us to put God at the center of life, we seem to have difficulty moving beyond busyness. When we are God-centered, life becomes simplified and moves in one direction. This subject may be handled in a speech, seminar, classes, or retreat. My book, Living Simply, is the basis for much of what we would cover here.
Educational Minitry in Your Church Depending on the needs of your church, I can workshop committees or consult with individuals in many areas of the church, including but not limited to:
  • Cooperation with other work areas/committees in the church
  • Developing age level programs and/or councils
  • Developing small groups, study groups, and new Sunday school classes
  • Evaluating various Sunday school and worship service formats
  • Evaluation and planning for programs and resources (including curriculum)
  • Evaluation and use of space and/or schedules (old and new buildings)
  • Finding and caring for teachers
  • Job descriptions for volunteer and/or paid staff
  • Publicizing your ministry
  • Resource centers (libraries, AV resources, supply rooms, etc.)
I use my book, Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education, as the basis of this consultation or workshop.
Family Sunday School and Other Intergenerational Events Today's families are very time committed, and they look for opportunities to experience learning together. This phenonoma brings family ministry to the forefront. Family Sunday school classes appeal to these families because they are not separated during that learning time. Churches are also discovering that families appreciate weeknight and retreat opportunities to learn together. I can either work with your committees to plan your ministry to families, or we can set up a family event or an experience of a family Sunday school session. My book, Side by Side: Families Learning and Living the Faith Together, is the primary resource for this.
Hospitality, a Gift from God This workshop explores the various opportunities to share our faith through the gift of hospitality, in our personal lives, in the classroom, and as a church. My book, The Gift of Hospitality, is a primary resource for this workshop.
Intercultural Understanding: Biblical and Today We have many different cultures today, even in the same city and neighborhoods. A close study of the Bible sheds light on how the biblical cultures also differed. We can better understand ourselves, as well as the Bible, when we comprehend these cultures.
Introducing the Bible to Children and Their Parents This event is appropriate for children and parents as the child receives a Bible from the church. Depending on the length, we can look at the background of the Bible, how it is helpful to us, translations, how our faith develops as we study the Bible, and other subjects related to the Bible. I use material from several of my books for this event.
Introducing Faith to Children and/or Youth This workshop is appropriate for parents and/or teachers. Depending on the length, we can look at ways to intorduce God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer, death and heaven, and the church. The workshop will stress the importance of adults as advocates and clarifiers of the faith. We can gear this to parents and invite teachers to attend. I use my book, How Do Our Children Grow?, as primary resource for this event.
Journaling with Joy Journaling is not for everyone, but everyone can try journaling. Journaling records thoughts and feelings rather than a detailed account of actions. It is an effective way of "talking" to God. I teach journaling by using a loose-leaf notebook, divided into sections for daily (or periodic) writing, for reflecting on scripture, and for writing thoughts on specific subjects. These are then cross-referenced for future access. We can work with journaling in a workshop or a retreat setting. It may be combined with sessions on prayer.
Moving from Compartments to Communion: Christian Education Living in Community with All Areas of the Church Compartmentalization and consumerism is sapping the life out of our churches. We must take a broad look at the way people move step-by-step into faith and into the community of the church, as well as the mission statement of the church, and assist all departments of the church in these areas. We must get out of our little “boxes” in order to follow our mission. My book, Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education, will be a resource for this event.
Personality and Spirituality New research indicates that our worship preferences and the way that we grow spiritually can depend largely on our personalities. Churches need to take this into consideration when planning worship and enrichment courses for the congregation. This workshop would not only explore the way that our personalities effect the way we grow spirituality but would also include experiences that implement that growth.
Praying with Purpose A seminar, class, or retreat format may be used with this subject. We will gain an understanding of prayer as a personal experience with God and develop methods to help establish a personal prayer life. Primary resources for this are The Art of Personal Prayer by Bishop Lance Webb and my book, Teaching Prayer in the Classroom.
Selecting and Training Volunteer Teachers Explore ways to locate potential teachers, help them recognize a call to ministry, and train and support experienced as well as new teachers. I use my book, How to Train Volunteer Teachers, as primary resource for this event.
Stewardship in Its True Form This workshop will help teachers, parents, and church leaders better understand the true meaning of a stewardship lifestyle and weave it into the framework of their personal lives and the church. Emphasis can be given to specific age levels. My book, Let the Children Give: Time, Talents, Love and Money, will be used as a primary resource for this workshop.
Teaching Adults in the Church Teachers and leaders of adults will learn about the development of our faith, explore various generations of adults, identify adult learning styles, and develop learning methods. We will also stress the importance of the spiritual growth of the leader. My book, Leading Adult Leaders, is a primary resource for this workshop.
Teaching & Celebrating the Christian Seasons This workshop can be directed toward worship leaders as well as teachers. In it we explore opportunities to enrich our Christian worship and spiritual growth through the practices and symbols of the Christian seasonal cycle. My book, Teaching & Celebrating the Christian Seasons, is the basis for this workshop.
Teaching Children to Prayer How can children and/or youth learn to pray, and how can adults help? Explore spontaneous and memorized prayers, personal and group prayers, and creative use of art, drama, and music in prayer. Methods and experiential learning are emphasized. I use my book, Teaching Prayer in the Classroom, as primary resource for this event. My book, Teaching the Lord's Prayer would also be used.
Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher Depending on the amount of time, we can cover various aspects of teaching. These will be drawn from my book, 32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher. We may stress foundational understanding, spiritual growth, or experiential teaching methods.
What's in Worship? Have you wondered just why we do certain things in worship? Do your new members, or even members who have sat in the pew for thirty years, understand just why we stand for the first hymn? This workshop can help persons experience worship more fully by understanding just how some of our traditions began and why we continue to use them. I use my book, What's in Worship?, as primary resource for this event. Parts of my books, Teaching and Celebrating the Christian Seasons & Children's Activities for the Christian Year would also be used.
Women from a Biblical View Looking through the biblical lense, this workshop will examine the treatment of women in pagan and early Jewish society, investigate Jesus' attitude toward women, and look at ways that Paul referenced women in his writings. We can also look at women in our church history and the roles that women take today in our churches.
Worshiping with Children In consultation, or in workshops, we can look at ways that children worship and address opportunities to help children participate in congregational worship as leaders, as well as in the pew. Models for a children’s worship study and parent education may be included. The course may also deal with special times for children in the service (children’s sermons, story times, children’s moments, etc.) and preaching to children and adults together. I also use my books, How Do Our Children Grow? & What's in Worship? in this.
Additional Teacher Training Courses Consider these possible subjects or discuss other possibilities with me.
  • Creating Creativity
  • Discipline in the Classroom
  • How Are You Doing? (Evaluation)
  • Jesus as Teacher
  • Keys to Motivating Students
  • Storytelling
  • Teaching Stewardship and/or Mission
  • Teaching the Bible Creatively
  • Teaching with Questions and Discussion
  • Using All of Your Classroom Teach
  • Using Your Curriculum/Planning a Session