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On this page I will, from time to time, add ideas and suggestions for ministry in Christian education. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Women in Ministry Curriculum

Consider having a special study about women in ministry. The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women produced a six-session study. The study explores why The United Methodist Church affirms the call of God to women into church leadership. It also looks at various women in ministry today and in the past. Check it out by clicking on: “Women Called to Ministry” Several people contributed to the writing of this curriculum, and I wrote the leader's guide for it.

Looking for cirriculum for persons with mental impairments?

No matter whether your students are children, youth, or adults you will find curriculum for them at Friendship Press. Besides your basic curriculum, you will find Bible studies, curriculum for church membership, and general books on teaching these students.

For Elementary Children in Worship

Provide young reader’s bulletins that follow the pattern of adult bulletins but with information on what’s happening in worship. Provide places for them to write thoughts during service. It is simple to set up a format on the computer and change it weekly. A sample of this can be found on page 81 of my book, Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education.

What About Children's Sermons?

The advantage of children's sermons is the opportunity to be with a pastor or other leader of the church. However, children's sermons are often more effective for adults than for children, particularly when they center around abstract thoughts. Young children are very concrete in their thinking, and consequently a comparison such as Jesus' blood washing our sins away has no meaning for them, other than their experiences with bloody knees. Children's sermons need to be concrete and interactive. This can include use of the senses, opportunities for children to move among the other worshipers, and impromptu dramatization of stories. It is a plus when you can involve adults from the congregation. One series of children's sermons I'd recommend is: The Abingdon Children's Sermon Library Volumes 1, 2, & 3. You may purchase these volumes on line at Cokesbury or Amazon. Or order them through your local bookstore.

Try Multi-Age Sunday School Classes

Provide multi-generational Sunday school classes. A youth/adult class can have some interesting discussions. With younger children, the adults learn as they work with the children in activity centers. With very young children, adults and children can meet together, and some planned activity and story time can be shared, and then give the children opportunity for free play while adults have a discussion study as they keep an eye on the children. These may be on-going or quarterly options. For more ideas on intergenerational learning, see my book, Side by Side: Families Learning & Living the Faith Together.

Teacher Development

A Comprehensive Plan for Teacher Development for United Methodist Congregations is available as a PDF download from GBOD ( Just as it is titled this is a plan for teacher development with the twist of being based on the General Rules with skills starting at the "do no harm" level and moving on to "doing all the good you can". A real positive motivator for teachers! Contact Diana Hynson at GBOD for more info

Mission Project: Africa University Scholarship

Looking for a good mission project for your church? For under $6,000 your church can support a student for one year at Africa University ( in Mutare, Zimbabwe. This United Methodist related institution educates men and women from all over Africa. Scholarships include trition, meals, room, medical care, and other fees. For more information call or write: Director of Planned Giving, Africa University Development Office, P.O. Box 340007, Nasnville, TN, 37203-0007, 615-340-7428,

Web Sites

Articles on the ministry of Christian education can be found on the site for The United Methodist Church, General Board of Discipleship. Go to and click on "education" and then on "articles".

Looking for opportunity to grow spiritually as a Christian? View the Ecumenical Ministry Network on-line magazine, Every six weeks in this free ezine for Christian adults you will find devotionals, interviews, poetry, art, photography and articles that lift you up and ground your faith at the same time.

Need support in Christian education ministry? Join the Christian Educators Fellowship ( Since 1967 this organization has provided members with the most current information and trends in Christian education through a variety of conferences, publications, and other resources. Membership is open to church staff or lay volunteers who work in Christian education. Although CEF is a United Methodist organization, it is open to members of other denominations.

Are you working in Christian education and feel a need for professional training? Look into the web based training program for Christian educators. (eChristianEd) was developed by the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Columbia College and the South Carolina Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. eChristianEd is a web-based training program for Christian educators. The coursework is United Methodist-based and is designed for anyone (no matter their church affiliation) interested in biblical, theological and practical training in Christian education, including Christian education leaders, Church school teachers, paid or volunteer Christian educators, Youth counselors, and Pastors. eChristianEd is also a convenient and affordable way for your Christian educators to satisfy the academic requirements for a United Methodist para-professional certification in Christian education. (

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