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32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher

A self-directed teacher-training resource that provides thirty-two study topics for use by volunteer teachers. Designed to be used by individuals, the resource contains study topics grouped into four levels of study. The user may plan a course of study according to current needs.
Abingdon Press, 1997 ISBN# 0-687-01787-4
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Children's Activities for the Christian Year

An essential guide for every children's ministry resource library, this book offers Sunday school teachers and leaders of children's ministries practical information and activities for the cycle of the Christian church calendar. Easy-to-use guidance, resources, and reproducible pages help new and veteran children's leaders interpret the meaning of the Christian year from preschool through elementary age. Besides the chapters on the Christian year as a whole, the book includes material to teach about the celebration of our "Mini-Easters" (Sundays).
Abingdon Press, 2004 ISBN# 0-687-35233-9
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The Gift of Hospitality

This is not a book about entertaining or the proper way to act in social situations. It is a book about the kind of hospitality that is a gift from God and how we can practice it in every aspect of our lives Ė in church, at home, while driving to the grocery store. The book explores biblical models of hospitality and the hospitality of: welcoming, speaking and listening, serving, comforting and healing, receiving, releasing, celebrating, and finally, hospitality as mission. Explore with me ways that Jesus exemplified for us Godís gift of hospitality and see specific ways we can achieve a hospitable lifestyle anywhere.
Chalice Press, 1999 ISBN# 0-8272-1243-7
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Growing the Soul: Meditations from My Garden

Contains 52 meditations centered on the garden as a place where we meet God. Not only does gardening provide us a unique opportunity to observe and reflect on Godís creation, but as gardeners, we also participate in creation. Gardening is thus a deeply spiritual act, offering us the opportunity to cultivate and to grow our souls.
Dimensions/Abingdon Press, 2005 ISBN# 0-687-06267-5

How Do Our Children Grow?

A manual offering practical and effective direction for parents and teachers who want to build a foundation for faithfulness.The book offers concrete examples and appropriate advice for introducing the faith concepts centered on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the church, prayer, death, and the challenges they face in today's world. Contains a study guide for classes and groups.
Chalice Press, 1999 ISBN# 0-8272-1437-5
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How to Train Volunteer Teachers

Along with help in recruiting and support for teachers, this book contains twenty workshop plans for a Sunday school superintendent, education chairperson, or staff church educator to use in training sessions. The materials are complete with reproducible handouts and supply lists
Abingdon Press, 1991 ISBN# 0-687-17975-0
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Leading Adult Leaders

This book is a guide for leaders in adult classes and study groups as well as teachers. Teachers will find suggestions for understanding adults and identifying adult learning styles. There is information for leaders of classes and groups to help with publicity, forming new classes, planning class events, and training helps. The book contains reproducible forms and handouts.
Abingdon Press, 1997 ISBN# 0-687-00223-0
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Lessons I Learned from My Grandchildren

Grandparenting is a joy and a responsibility. Grandparents are often a very guiding force in a child's spiritual growth. This book contains 52 meditations for grandparents, each built around the idea of lessons learned from grandchildren. The meditations encourage readers to see their experiences with grandchildren as opportunities for spiritual enrichment and spiritual bonding.
Dimensions/Abingdon Press,2008 ISBN-13: 978-0-687-65078-1
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Let the Children Give: Time, Talents, Love and Money

In this book, after considering the biblical and historical background of stewardship and age level understandings, you will find suggestions for experiential activities and other methods of teaching stewardship, including games, art projects, music, drama, storytelling, poetry, and more. One chapter specifically addresses stewardship committees.
Discipleship Resources, 2007 ISBN# 978-0-88177-501-3
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Living Simply

Along with helpful ideas on simplifying lifestyles, this book provides inspiration and direction to centering on God's direction for our lives. Chapter themes include decision making, time management, priorities, listening to others and to God, mentors and mentoring, and drawing apart to experience God.
This book is out of print, but it is available through Abingdon's "Books On Demand". Call 615-749-6311. Or you may purchase used copies through Amazon.
Abingdon Press, 1996 ISBN# 0-687-00777-1
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Meditations by the Sea

Come with me for a stroll along the beach with conversational meditations, lines from the psalms, and small personal prayers that connect nature to everyday life. Use these quiet meditations as springboards for thinking about faith and spiritual growth by connecting your spirit to the wonders of the sea.
Northstone: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada ISBN# 1-896836-30-5
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My Cup Runneth Over (Most of the Time)

The challenges, rewards, and joys, as well as the pressures, frustrations, and stress are all a part of teaching. I understand this and recognize that we cannot do it without God in our lives. These devotions for teachers will assist you as you seek support and encouragement, offer thanksgiving and praise, and express gratitude for the privilege of making a difference in your studentsí lives.
Dimensions/Abingdon Press, 1999 ISBN# 0-687-05692-6
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New Ways to Tell the Old, Old Story

A guide for teachers of children and youth, this book provides guidelines for selecting age-appropriate Bible stories. It also has dozens of creative activities using art, drama, writing, games, music and rhythm, puzzles, and storytelling.
This book is out of print, but I have a few copies. It is also available through Abingdon's "Books On Demand". Call 615-749-6311. Or you may purchase used copies through Amazon.
Abingdon Press, 1992 ISBN# 0-687-27946-1
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Nuts & Bolts of Christian Education: Practical Wisdom for Teachers and Leaders

The most complete book that tells you how to do Christian education. It answers many questions for new and veteran education and classroom leaders; helps leaders plan, manage, and run their education programs with ease and confidence; and combines teaching tips and wisdom that most teachers and Christian educators learn only after years of trial and error. The book includes reproducible charts and handouts, and a topical index.
Abingdon Press, 2000 ISBN# 0-687-07116-X
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Side by Side: Families Learning and Living the Faith Together

Many parents spend little time with their children and feel that Sunday is their only time together as a family. This book is a response to this need for family-oriented lessons for Sunday morning and other times. Side by Side offers Christian education and multi-age classroom leaders invaluable teaching guidance, activities, projects and handouts for every member of a family to study and work together.
Abingdon Press, 2001 ISBN#0-687-04911-3
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Teaching & Celebrating the Christian Season

This guide for pastors, teachers, and worship leaders explains the history and significance of each season and special day of the church. It offers a wealth of practical aids, not only for teaching but also for worship:
  • Explanations of Christian concepts both for adults and children.
  • Ideas for celebrating in worship (monologues, litanies, worship ďcentersĒ and more)
  • Broad range of activities and teaching techniques for all learning styles.
  • Examples that have worked in congregations.
  • Sentences or paragraphs for church bulletins that explain features of the seasons.
Three special types of worship experiences are included: Hanging of the Greens; Way of the Cross; The Disciples Tell the Story (monologues)
Chalice Press, 2002 ISBN# 0-8272-3641-7
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Teaching Prayer in the Classroom

This revised and expanded edition provides teachers and leaders of children and youth practical guidance for teaching prayer. It offers step-by-step activities that engage students in different prayer experiences, while also providing specific examples of age appropriate prayers and age-level understandings and experiences in prayer. There are reproducible handouts that provide useful information. This edition also offers guidance and suggestions to help parents use prayer with their children at home.
Abingdon, 2003 ISBN# 0-687-06425-2
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Teaching the Lordís Prayer

In this book you have six lessons to teach middle and older elementary children the meaning of the parts of the Lordís Prayer, as well as how to pray it. Each lesson includes activities and exercises that reinforce the childís leaning experience, including activities, puzzles, and music that are all reproducible.
Abingdon, 2004 ISBN# 0-687-06294-2
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What's in Worship?

This book is useful for worshp planners, new members, parents and teachers, and indivudials who have worshipped in the pew who would like to reflect on the reasons behind the ancient practices and meanings of ancient symbols and practices we still use in worship. There is a study guide, a glossary, and an index for easy reference. The appendix also includes a form for preparing a worship service.
Chalice Press, 2009 ISBN# 978-0-827242-58-6

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